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Part 2s

Being somewhere in that age when certain brain cells seem to go haywire, it's kind of difficult to keep track about things that I should've made followthroughs. Thus, this entry.

Some days back, I did Subic Bay Hour part 1 and I was meaning to do part two of it, but I didn't actually have any idea when part 2 will commence. Being that the show is a weekly thing, I figured I shouldn't really write about it in parts unless I wanted it to have this long line of sequels just like the Rocky movie. So I guess from now on, I should refrain from writing blogs in parts.

Anyway, the show is starting to kick butt. After Administrator Arreza, we brought in SBMA Deputy Administrator Raul Marcelo for our second edition. We talked about how Subic Bay is faring as a tourist destination. The cool-talking, jock potential tourism honcho talked about details such as the return of the casinos in the Freeport (which is good actually since SBMA is targetting the foreign tourist and retiree markets), and plans of turning Subic into some sort of a movie location hub (have you seen the Marianne Rivera clip in youtube? Shot right here in Subic...bad-ass gurl, right?). Though it was a bit premature, "Sir Raul" also mentioned the return of the Ad Congress in Subic (with hopes of winning the bid again). Since Happy Louie was happily finishing up some chores before he leaves, BerniMac debuted as one of the show's anchors for Bay FM.

The following Saturday, we had as our resource person Ferdinand Hernandez, SBMA's "crush ng bayan" Senior Deputy Administrator for Operations. Sadly, I was operating over at Radyo ng Bayan so I wasn't able to join the fray at Bay FM. I could just imagine Atty. Hernandez' face grimace when the first salvo was a question about the recent drug bust here in Subic. Jeez. But being the cool and brilliant dude that he is, he answered it right on the dot. (Just so you know, it was the SBMA Law Enforcement Department that first cracked the op, not PASG...so there).

Last Saturday, we had our Labor Department Manager Severo Pastor talk about employment in Subic Bay. Again, with the station manager traipsing somewhere (hey, I needed the rest), BerniMac again anchored the show for Bay FM (Congrats! You are beginning to sound like an AM commentator already!), of course, with DJ Tommy in a supporting role.

I will soon upload excerpts from these editions soon.

And since I'm still into followthroughs, I might as well do now the long overdue part two of "A Dummy's Guide to Radio Lingo" which I wrote ages ago.

You know, I admit it but hey, I'm at that age right? So to save on time and energy, I will be referring you, interested radio geek, to an already published Radio Glossary by Corey Deitz in About.com.

For "A Dummy's Guide to Radio Lingo Part II," check it out here

I'm done!