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Less Talk, More Music

Ever since this blog started, I have been writing about some of Bay FM's travails (mostly the station manager's, really) as a fledgeling community station of the Subic Bay Freeport. This time, I'm gonna spare anyone reading my blog from further depression lest they think running a radio station is cumbersome, because it definitely isn't (maybe I just enjoy worrying too much haha!).

Let's talk about music now. Yes, Music. Bay FM is actually a music station. We play all kinds of music 24/7 from sun-up 'til sundown (well, except during Subic Bay Hour, though). This I think is the reason why Bay FM has some kind of cult following here in this part of the country. Our listeners are guaranteed with no-clutter programming, meaning, we do not populate our airwaves with long strings of commercials or irritating breakers.

"Less Talk, More Music," that's one of the bylines we go by, and Bay FM could keep it that way. Thanks to automation and BernieMac, programming runs virtually hands-free most of the time, just like podcasting. It proves to be effective for a small station like Bay FM that is operated by just a small band of radio geeks and volunteer jocks.

Bay FM's typical weekday playlist is mostly composed of all-genre top forty music, spanning from the 90s to present, while during weekends, we go adult contemporary (AC) with music mostly from the 70's to the 90s. Bay FM also has specialized programs in the weekends like Jazz By The Bay (Don't fret Jake, I'll talk about jazz soon :)).

One interesting program we have hosted by our volunteer DJ Jack Ryan (a hulk of a guy who has a day job in SBMA) is Retroactive. He features hits of a particular year in the 70s and the 80s. When Jack Ryan goes on (which is getting quite rare these past few weeks due to his extremely tight dayjob schedule), we get request call-ins from 50-60somethings, especially from the guys at American Legion (an association of veteran U.S. Navy officers who opted to retire in Olongapo City, I think). I once sat through his show and I really had a blast listening to music from artists like the Isley Brothers, Guess Who, BTO & Grand Funk.

During the weekdays, we have TommyG to rely on for the freshest chart-topping hits. He usually does the Billboard top 12 countdown which keeps our music library updated.

From Rock, R&B, HipHop, Urban, to AC and Jazz covering the 70s to the now - I think you'll surely enjoy listening to Bay FM...just be here in Subic Bay Freeport, though.

Hey by the way, check out Bay FM's mini playlist way down this blog (c/o dizzler). It has been there for ages!