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On Letting Your Guard Down

This isn't about radio per se...but this could be the one important thing I have learned being involved in this business..DON'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN.

Don't ever let your guard down, lest you fall victim to opportunists, wannabes, utilitiarians, freeloaders and skanks..people who would just love to succeed at sucking out your lifeforce. Don't ever let your guard down on petty power plays and grudges; on people who lie and accuse you wrongly just so they can bring you down; on people who thought you can be wielded as some kind of force field or weapon that would virtually protect them from any liabilities and sanctions.

I don't consider myself a skeptic, not at all. But in this business, being a trusting person is quite risky. I was and still is one, which is probably the reason why I am at risk.

Thus, I have to utter over and over again this mantra...DON'T EVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN.

Well, this is media, and I expect more of these characters to come out of the woodwork.

On the bright side though, I know there are people who really care, who genuinely would love to see this small army of radio geeks make something good out of this tiny station. BUT... one should watch out if their actions are really consistent with their motives. Are their actions really meant to fulfill our goals for this tiny facility? Is it for his personal glory? Is it because they don't really have something else to do or do they just wanna screw you? Am I becoming quite the cynic now? Naaa...

Someday, I will have learned this art of never ever letting one's guard down.