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Lessons This Blog Missed (It's Been A While...So Sue Me!)

I just committed probably the greatest booboo in my so-called blogging career (if you can call it that)...and that is, not posting anything here for a month now. Jeez...now who should I apologize to? Myself? My blog which is really a non-living thing (for the past month that is)? Well, anyway...

I have really been so busy with Bay FM (yes...busy as a bee, a valid reason though not acceptable probably in the blogging world). The past month was quite a ride. For one, I did learn one lesson - Don't ever think that erstwhile popular singers (or teenybop idols) who are presently reviving their virtually dead careers are now more accessible to us ordinary mortals.

I'm not mentioning names (or specifically A name), but there's this blond singer who was really (internationally?) popular in the late 70s/early 80s who just had a concert here in Subic. Before his concert, his handlers planned everything to a T...his itinerary, his radio tour, etc. And then he came to Subic. Pardon me if I speak for all the radio stations in Olongapo City but jeez...skipping the radio tour is definitely a no-no, not if his handlers want the guy's career ten feet under the grassy knoll! And for what...a lame excuse? That the guy's tired and can't really do the interviews anymore? Well, you ain't young anymore that's for sure, but if the Cascades were able to accommodate us (hell, they even did boardwork for a while...and for FREE!), I'm sure you could have done it, too. But, don't fret honey, you are still HOT (for a 50-ish, that is).

Hint: This guy really took our breath away in the early 80s (now I'm done for haha!!).

No more absences in the blogging scene...I hope (crossing my fingers).