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World Wide Weird (triple W)

A few months ago, we started this fun segment in our mid-morning show, The Morning Brew, called World Wide Weird news, or the Triple W news. Here, DJTommyG and I get to read and talk about the oddest news from all over the world.

The Triple W News is basically along the lines of the Corey & Jay Show, a radio program co-hosted by Corey Deitz and Jay Hamilton currently based in Little Rock, Arkansas on 100.3 The Edge. They have these segments such as Head Up Your Ass Headlines, When Animals Get Pissed, Police Blotter and a couple more wherein they read the weirdest, funniest and even the most gruesome news stories taken from different sources from around the globe. I've listened to snippets of these segments in their website and I just rotflmfao! What makes me really fall off my chair are their hilarious remarks while reading these weird stories.

So anyway, I have yet to chance any local station doing something like this, and I figured having a segment like this in my show would really be fun, both to us jocks and to our listeners. Hence, I came up with the segment, The Triple W News (a pun on the World Wide Web since most of our material come from the triple W anyway).

And it's been a hoot so far!

If you wanna listen to the segment Triple W News, you actually can, over the triple W, err the internet. Catch the Morning Brew over our audio/video stream (click link at the left column of this site), 9am-12noon Philippine time. We interact most of the time with our viewers/listeners via chat in the stream.

While I'm at this, I'll also start posting here some of these odd stories that we feature in the radio show.

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