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The revitalized Subic Bay Radio

BayFM has been invaded! Not by aliens, silly...but by a new tribe of radio geeks now filling Subic Bay's airwaves.

Indeed, a lot of changes had happened since my last post (rant?) about our efforts to further develop Subic Bay's community FM station. Zaldy Dizon (from the SBMA Tourism Department) joined BayFM as our new marketing specialist (along with a new girl friday, Maureen). Our network, the Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) came running to BayFM's side to actively assist us in finally getting our long-desired equipment which we hope would materialise soon (fingers crossed).

And then, enter the new tribe. Led by Andy Magcale (DJ DoubleB) who joined us as our new consultant for operations, these guys are, shall I say, really not that new in the business being that they had their stints in other stations in nearby Olongapo City and are local radio celebrities in their own right.

Of course, with this new line-up comes new programming. After a lot of prior discussions with DoubleB and BernieMac, we decided to go 50-50 (English and Tagalog spiels) and target mass-based listeners (with a reminder though of our responsibility to the higher-end Subic Bay-based audience). So...we did it. The first week of the new tribe was a bit strange for me (and a little scary). Since regular BayFM listeners are used to our less talk-more music high-end programming, I wasn't really sure how they would respond to this really drastic change (and its my neck on the chopping board).

Also signalling this new phase, BayFM now carries the better and apt tag Subic Bay Radio (well, we are the official radio station of Subic Bay...right?).

I'm so glad I didn't give in to my fears and I'm so excited to say that right now, everybody's having fun listening to BayFM!

With that all set up, now comes the next phase - moving in to our newly-constructed office and studio and the long-awaited comeback of a more powerful community radio station in Subic Bay (wish us luck!).

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