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The New BayFM Tribe

TurnTheRadioOn welcomes the new tribe! Ang Bagong Ka-Tribo ng Subic Bay Radio (The new tribemates of Subic Bay Radio).

Here they are! (program highlights and photos of the new ka-tribo c/o DoubleB)

3am – 6am = “EARLY BREAKFAST JAM” with DJ Elton (solo)
60% Disco/M.O.R., 40% Mellow with live-phone-in callers / greetings

Subic Bay Radio’s early morning program show – music with topic based live-on-air conversations. It’s become a 24-hour world, and the Early Breakfast Jam is the perfect hangout for amnesiacs! Know what your friends are up to, and possibly hook up with them as well. We’ll also let you in on what’s happening around your 24-hour Subic Bay community.

6am – 9am = “GOOD MORNING SUBIC BAY” with DJ’s Tommy G. & Lil’ Chris (tandem)
80% Disco/M.O.R., 20% Mellow with live-phone-in callers / greetings

Currently handled by two of BAY FM’s long time regular DJs – The program is a mid morning Pop format with playlist based on the most recent international music releases – Billboard Charts Top 100 songs US/UK with current entertainment & world showbiz info dissemination.

If your morning brew is not enough to perk you up, try a dose of Good Morning Subic Bay! With its perfect blend of pop hot music and a dash of mayhem, the journey from bed to the office just got a little better.

9am – 12nn = “PLAYTIME” with DJ’s Alex & Eriq Nash (tandem)
60% Disco/M.O.R., 40% Mellow with live-phone-in callers / greetings

Reminiscent of the famous tandem show of Manila’s Chico and Delamar while also patterned with some of Manila’s top late morning programs designed to entertain both late risers and working people. It aims to boost the mid morning energy of all listeners through music and infotainment.

12nn – 3pm = “HAPPY HOUR” with DJ’s Manay Junie, Jhepsz & Bubut (threesome)
60% Disco/M.O.R., 40% Mellow with live-phone-in callers / greetings

Modeled after top famous Manila threesome lunchtime wacky programs, your day will not be complete without your daily dose of humor, insanity, and music, music, music the Subic Bay way! The Happy Hour radio show lets you take control of our playlist as you cruise through the mid portion of your work day in euphoria.

The show is distinctly funny thanks to the humorous way the DJs go through the program. The DJs would regularly get SMS from listeners who would tell them that people would look at them like they were crazy while listening to the show. One particular case was of a certain listener alone in her car while driving from work to a restaurant for her lunch break and people from other vehicles were staring at her because they would see her laughing by herself. Another case would be a student listening to the show on his mobile phone, commuting on a jeepney and couldn't help but to laugh out loud, to the surprise and curiosity of his fellow commuters. A third case would be a worker at a certain SBMA company while in the employee’s cafeteria currently on his lunch break listening to the show on his mp3 player, and grinning widely, trying not to laugh out loud while co-workers stares at him and wonders why the silly grin.

3pm – 6pm = “THE ALL HIT RADIO SHOW” with DJ Double B (solo)
50% Disco & M.O.R., 50% Mellow – with live-phone-in callers / greetings (pure) Today’s Hottest, Latest and Most Requested Songs

Take the music roller coaster that is The All Hit Radio Show! Whether you’re finishing up on your work, doing late afternoon household chores, behind the wheel, in a jeepney or in the backseat of your ride back home, relax, rewind, rejuvenate and enjoy with all of Today’s Hottest Hits with a veteran jock at the helm and in control of the console – Dj Double B!

6pm – 9pm = “THE MEAN GURLZ” with DJ’s Eimee & Lindsay (tandem)
60% Disco/M.O.R., 40% Mellow with live-phone-in callers / greetings

Just like the famous tandem of Manila’s Andi-9 and Jessica – Subic Bay’s very own Lady Jocks par excellence can tackle any topic fit for teenagers and young urban professionals alike. Finally, the two most kikays of all takes control of the board from 6pm onwards; it’s pretty Eimee who makes noise in the evening while sexy Lindsay jives, and both deeply entertain listeners through all the enjoyable segments of their program!

9pm – 12mn = “HEART AND SOUL” with DJ Bernie Mac (solo)
Classic, Classic Gold & Recall Love Songs

Say what’s on your mind; long time BAY FM Radio Jock Bernie Mac is listening. Heart and Soul is where listeners’ heart issues are given attention while songs of love serve as accompaniment.

Welcome to your new home, geeks!