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What's Up, Subic Bay FM?

Bay FM's blog has since been running for less than 9 months now (and will turn exactly 9 months two days from now) and so far, things have been quite steady. Though I really cannot say if the pace at which things have been happening in our efforts to develop this tiny facility is "typical" in radio industry standards.

Even before this blog was created, Bay FM has already spent a good two years and a half in test broadcast. Then when we geeks came in, we did our best to dress up Bay FM in practically all aspects of its operations - programming, imaging, sales, technical, administrative and events. A lot of very helpful people had come and gone, and yet here we are still waiting for the gods of Mt. Olympus to really push the envelope. It has been two years since we geeks came in, so go figure.

But despite all the frustrations we encounter in trying to fast track the purchase of our equipment (government procurement processes really s@#&! Two friggin' years in the making!) and still operating at a pitiful 10% of the required transmission power and hand-me-down studio equipment, I can honestly say that we have at least managed to attain these: An annual budget from SBMA (BayFM is now under its Corporate Communications Group); completion of our new studio and office (which we have yet to inhabit pending our equipment); ADVERTISERS (though a handful they still are); a syndicated national talk show (The Subic Bay Hour with PBS-Radyo ng Bayan which can also be heard through live streaming @; a summer program for student deejays; participation in several big Subic Bay events as media sponsor; and most importantly, loyal local listeners.

For now, we are counting the days when our dear agency finally says: "Approved! Call the supplier and buy the equipment now!" Then, the really difficult and stressful work starts (heaven help us).

It's a good thing this blog is in existence. At least, we get to tell the whole world that, hey, we are here, a tiny radio station in this so-called economically viable, prosperious (so they say) and vast Freeport called Subic Bay. Now, if we can just get BayFM streaming online...

The benefit I got from this job? Down from 140 to 120 lbs. Not bad, eh? It beats going to the gym.

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