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TTRO - Less Rant, More Info (Or Not?)

For quite sometime now I have refrained from posting personal rants here on TurnTheRadioOn. After all, everything is going as I hoped it would be, though frustratingly slow (and yes, with a few glitches) the progress has been moseying along in our efforts to fully upgrade Subic's FM radio station.

I don't know if we need to change TTRO's blog description (right there on the header). For those who just started to go around this site, the header description could tend to mislead since our recent posts are more about Bay FM's radio programs and music features, than our professional travails as operators of "a fledgeling station trying to find its niche."

So yes, I do understand why this certain blogger, after casually taking up his offer of a blog review ("I review 5 blogs a day"), says of TTRO:

"Yep, hoped it was going to be all about a radio station trying to find it's (sic) way. Sadly, lost (sic2) of lists of people and groups I've never heard of, but hey, I've just celebrated my 50th, so now I am officially a sad oldie...good luck with it anyway..."

Us geeks thank you for that (constructive) criticism. I for one, at least, welcome that wake up call. You see, if TTRO is just about a radio station trying to find its way, I bet you it would be more rantings (and complaining would certainly lead us nowhere). Are personal rants really more interesting to read than posts that we think are informative both to us geeks and to TTRO readers, though predictable they are? I really don't know. What I'm sure of is this though: this has got to be the most unbelieveably unpredictable post TTRO has ever published being that it is a criticism of itself.

That being said, this blog really has to move on, just as the radio station is striving to move on. Surely in the course of our efforts for this facility to find its way, there will be a rant or two, but we prefer to rock most of the time...it's more fun!

In the meantime, while TTRO and Bay FM continue the quest for that elusive niche, us geeks will try our darnest to make this ride an interesting one, at least for this radio blog. As for Bay FM, pleeeaaaassseeeee, give us a break and just buy our equipment already! (a desperate call to those concerned?)

Hey, there's a rant. There you go 366FREEIMTips (cheer up sad oldie!).

Anyway, I decided to retain our original blog description to remind us why we geeks are actually here (or until we finally have our own website, which is again...never mind).