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The Resurrection of 89.5 Subic Bay FM

We're BACK! Finally, after several excruciating months of trying to rescusitate Subic Bay Freeport's official FM radio station, DWSB 89.5 Subic BayFM is now back on air! How we were able to do it was like some miracle of sorts.

Surprised? I know you are, or haven't you noticed why this blog only has new music lists and featured artists in its past few posts...well, we sort of died, temporarily. Long story really, but here goes:

It took a lot of prodding, and surprisingly, the wrath of mother nature that made this happen. Months have passed since our last broadcast. Us radio geeks were really having a hard time trying to convince a lot of people to just purchase our equipment real fast after our old, virtually low-powered set up was taken away leaving this station in the backburner. A new consultant was hired, a new agreement was forged with the mother network for the procurement of our equipment, and we really thought that everything will turn out the way we expected it to be even as we know how utterly snail-paced government processes can be.

Then typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng happened, two powerful storms that left majority of Luzon in total destruction. During that time, a huge advertising congress was about to happen in Baguio City. But then its organizers decided to change the venue and decided to go for Subic Bay.

With only a few weeks left, our agency worked overtime to prepare for the event - roads were paved and painted on, the convention center prepped and, the clincher for us geeks: 89.5 Bay FM was ordered to go back on air at all cost (being that the radio station is also going to be exhibited at the AdCon).

With absolutely no room for me to get all stressed, us geeks set out to immediately get ourselves even the basic equipment for us to operate the station again. Emergency procurement was the ticket. A lot of people came in to help us out (thank you all so much!) and in just barely a week and in time for the 21st Philippine Advertising Congress, we were back on air!

After finally upping our test broadcast, we rushed to the AdCon's exhibition area, installed a small set up at the Subic Bay booth and did our thing.

Whew! I bet reading this could have also stressed you out.

But then, this is only the beginning (a new beginning, that is). Still got loads to do and we do hope that starting today, 89.5 Subic Bay FM will NEVER leave the airwaves.

And the Bay FM saga continues...

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