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Campus Jocks

A couple of months ago, we started this experiment called the BayFM Campus Deejays. The experiment was actually born out of sheer need. Not that there is a dearth of talents out there, but we thought that sooner or later, we might need to hire deejays. So, what better way to do that than for us geeks to develop potential radio jocks who would eventually work for Bay FM someday.

Columban College Jocks
Our first batch of Campus jocks was a group of around twelve Mass Communications 3rd-year students from Columban College Olongapo who were on their summer break. Alan and Bernie made them undergo rigid (?) training in organizing playlists, speech and intonation, developing spiels and so on. It was actually a complete workshop, really. Then, we grouped them in tandems and gave them duty hours for going on board.

Though the experiment with these college kids is over (as they have already gone back to school), we retained one of them. Lil' Kris is still with us and is doing really well in the morning show.

Brent Student Jocks
Enter now, the student jocks of Brent Subic.

I knew even before we trained them that these kids could really hack it. We saw it first with Rain Summers last year. She was going on Grade 12 that time and we hardly even trained her. She was a natural.

This time, Stacie, Rae and Megan (real names Jen, Rae and Macy) now have their own timeslots in Bay FM. Just like Rain, we hardly trained them, only a bit of tutoring with the broadcast computer, and a few playlist and spiel tricks. I'm not a bit surprised really because these kids do have the command of the language and can speak their mind. They are so much fun to listen to, which I think is pretty much the reason why they have already developed their own listenership base (apart from the Brent community, though).

Our new guys are Stoner (Eric) and Tak'e. Eric is American and Tak'e, Japanese. These guys are a hoot and I bet they'll also do well just like the girls.

Brent's campus jocks will be on air during their entire summer (or spring?) break which will be until the last week of July.

Have fun, guys!