89.5 FM SUBIC BAY RADIO: More Rantings Of A Neophyte Radio Executive (Just Get It Over With!)


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More Rantings Of A Neophyte Radio Executive (Just Get It Over With!)

It was surreal for me when I took on Bay FM. I mean, jeez...Frequency Modulation, FM. Though I had a short stint at DZRJ, I was a newscaster and writer for heavensakes and didn't really care less about the business of FM radio. Though I do have this fascination for deejays. Its like they transform from seemingly plain johns to demigods when they start dishing out their thing on air.

I have been an avid FM radio listener in my younger days, especially during the 80s (ahhh...the good ol' days when radio was our only link to the billboard top 40 charts and the colonial taste in music was so alive among us pinoys). Those where the days when 99.5 RT was THE rhythm of the city and DWLS FM pitted Durannies against Spandau Ballet fans (hmm...remind me to do a blog on this next time).

Come to think of it, FM was so alive back then, and I was a student who devoured every bit of music imported from the UK and the Americas so that my band could play the covers. Then I joined radio. Some years later when I relocated to Olongapo City, I completely forgot about radio and went into a zombie-like trance writing pro-government press releases, doing investment promotions and whatever task my bosses wanted me to do.

Now that the trance is over for me and with this blog now developing under Bay FM's proverbial nose, maybe its time for me to finally shut up now about how the station came to be and how I got myself into this mess (I have been at it since day one and its really getting quite old haha!).

Ranting over (I swear). Now for the more interesting stuff...