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Killing That Writer's Block (An Introduction)

Jeez, my first blog. Not that I'm not excited but it took me a long time to clear the cobwebs off my head, start exercising my lazy typing fingers and exorcise that evil spirit called writer's block.

I really don't know if I consider myself a good writer. A lot of my peers did. I try to be. But really, in the last 15 years of my life, media was my bread-and-butter...well, sort of. My post-college graduate life (which was light years ago) consisted of a couple of short-lived stints in FM radio, wire news services and magazines. Then, following a harrowing, near-death experience working at the DND's AM station (during the 1989 coup), I ended up working in the government's radio network.

Ho-Hum tsk..tsk...no room for creativity there.

Well, I used to think of myself as an idealistic person. But my stint there was not that bad, coupled with the fact that the government actually paid for my master's degree (now who says you can't get something good out of the government!). After seven years of not going to the office everyday to punch my time card in the bundy clock (well, I was a beat reporter), in 1997, I packed my bags, went to Subic Bay Freeport, and joined the young and energetic crew of the Dick as one of his close-in writers.

That period in my life was quite surreal because I never thought I would ever be that good in writing. I mean, it would be hell on earth if you do not come up with a flawless press release or a feature story (of...who else?) everyday!

And then the seige happened... type, type, type...write, write, write, with damocles' sword literally dangling over my head...pressure...and LOTS of it!

Then after the witchhunt was finally over, I got promoted but transferred to the Marketing Department. Six years of figuring out what the heck my job really was! I did a lot of odds and ends work on investment and tourism promotion, market research, event planning and management and then some, nothing really specific but all hardly honed my writing skills. But then I considered all of that useful knowledge. Who knows!

After all that jumping from one project to another, somebody up there (Thank God!) finally brought me to my final destination. Who would have thought all that trouble I got myself into before would be useful now?

Which brings me to this, my first blog. It really is hard to start writing again after having been in hibernation for a long time. But I felt I have to start chronicling the work I'm doing right now...developing and managing Subic Bay Freeport's first and only FM community station.

And what better way to do service to those who love radio than to talk about radio as a blogger. Well, let's just turn that radio on, shall we?

Now begins my double life.